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Get instant access to my exclusive 7 Days of Self-Care Without Busting Your Budget FREE video eCourse here!

‘TAD’: Touch-a-Day Baby Welcoming eCourse

TAD is a wisdom-packed online course and community for new mamas and papas. Chock full of insights and tools, TAD delivers a fresh nurture nugget for you—and your baby—every day for 12 weeks.

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Learn Massage Techniques

Learn how to incorporate touch into your everyday life. For families, couples or friends, including Tummy Time™ and infant massage.

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Help your body do what it needs to heal naturally. Available for clients across the lifespan (including pregnancy, postpartum, newborns and adults).

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Are you interested in learning more about how Essential Oils can support your wellness and self-care?

Drop me an email or schedule a private consultation to find the oils that will support your goals. Please also feel free to join my mailing list for upcoming Free classes offered monthly.

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Get instant access to my exclusive 7 Days of Self-Care Without Busting Your Budget FREE video eCourse here!


Molly is wonderful. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and VERY good at what she does. I had prenatal massages with her, and now she is tr...

Brea Carlson

I am a licensed massage therapist, also trained in CranioSacral Therapy. Molly is a highly skilled therapist. Her touch is amazing. She h...

Jackie Wolf

My husband and I did a couples massage and Molly taught us massage techniques, some great stretches (my husband is a runner), and ways to...

Susan M

Molly is delightful and personable, taking time to get to know moms and their babies. She has such a calm presence. My baby seemed to rea...

Hannah S
What kind of service can you expect from Body, Mind, & Molly?

24/7 Online Booking

Including e-mail confirmations and an e-reminder 24 hours in advance

Calm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Get away from distractions


Crisp, white linens (hospital-grade clean)

Uninterrupted Streaming Music

Enjoy a standard relaxation playlist or your favorite genre

Organic Massage Creams

Gentle and unscented


I pledge to listen to your body or words with support and a dose of humor (where appropriate!)

Body + Mind

A wide range of bodywork skills that will gently sync your body and mind

Hot Tea/Coffee

A complimentary cup that can travel with you after your session upon request