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For babies who want to be seen, heard, and understood and the adults wrapped around their fingers.

Here's What You'll Get From TAD

Over our 12 weeks together, we

Never feeling lost

with a science-made-simple roadmap to your baby

Hands on techniques

to improve baby

Healing support

for mom's post-birth recovery

Love boost

for the partners-to-parents transition (so you can keep liking each other no matter what)

An incredible community

of parents ready to chat and share insights


during our 84 days of goodness and beyond

Time for a Parenting Revolution
(but in a sweet way)


Meet a Molly on a Mission


All Your Baby Wants Is You

Launch a beautiful relationship


  • A way to connect with your baby physically and emotionally in just minutes per day
  • Support for baby-proofing your relationship with your partner
  • Methods for tapping into your own parenting instincts
  • A science-backed take on helping your baby thrive
  • An open-hearted, judgment-free community of fellow parents
  • An info-packed course you can follow at your own pace


  • A lecture on
  • A place to evaluate other parents
  • The basic skills class on how to change diapers or master breastfeeding

Dad + TAD

TAD and dads go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dads tell me the course has inspired them, boosted their confidence and helped them tap into their own wonderful fatherly instincts. TAD supports Dad in finding his own, unique style with baby

How TAD Works

Every day of this 12-week course has a theme, with specific hands on tips for understanding your baby’s experience of the world and offering him the therapeutic touch that will help him thrive. You’ll see your child through many lenses so you can more deeply understand exactly what she needs at any given moment.

The TAD week looks like this:

Movement Mondays

Touching Tuesdays

Watching Wednesdays

Thriving Thursdays

Feeling Fridays

Soothing Saturdays

Saying Sundays

Details, Details

During the course, you'll receive:

  • 84 daily emails, sent to both parents, featuring a short video lesson on everything from healing postpartum to bonding with your baby to re-meeting your partner as a parent
  • 6 LIVE group TAD Chats via private webinar
  • Access to the TAD family Facebook group to share, support and learn with other parents
  • My free webinar on getting comfortable even in a mega-pregnant body

After the course, you

  • Lifetime access to your email lessons and all bonus materials
  • Free re-enrollment for future siblings
  • Membership in the TAD family Facebook group


I was pretty self-confident going into this- I'd had a lot of experience with babies. That said, TAD helped reassure that my instincts were accurate. A lot of the things I've been noticing in my baby were eventually mentioned, and it made me feel more confident to know that what I was experiencing was "normal." My baby appears calmer and has an easier time moving between the various states. He also has grown to love tummy time!

- Mom Laura... First time parent

I now know how to read him and how to soothe. I always ask myself does he feel safe and loved and if the answers are yes to both then I'm doing the best I can! The techniques work--so knowing that I have the skills to handle whatever he throws at me has been great!

- Mom of Baby J and step parent of 8 yr old S.

I was looking for more ways to connect with my baby and I feel like TAD definitely helped with that. A bonus were the partner activities. I am not ashamed to admit that, although I adore my partner, 95% of my focus was on baby in the fourth trimester. Those partner activities really grounded me and reminded me why we chose to have a baby in the first place. He's a good dude!

- Mom Lindsey... First time parent

My son (J, 3 yrs) used to get up, have breakfast and watch cartoons. Now he watches with us and wants me to do everything to him that I

- Mom Amy...Baby J and 3 yr old J.

Our time with Dad is in the evenings after work. TAD helps him a lot as far as bonding with Baby J, since I am exclusively breastfeeding. With our first child, my husband was able to feed him since I wasn

- Mom Amy...Baby J and 3 yr old J.

Everything is clear, even though I haven

- Mom of Baby B

So are you ready to give your baby and yourselves an incredible start in life and truly relish your first weeks together?

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