TAD: Touch-A-Day Babymoon Mini-Retreat

Body, Mind & Molly is Announcing… TAD: Touch-A-Day Babymoon Couples Mini-Retreat for Pregnancy Portland, OR Sat. Jan 14th, 2017 1:00p-5:00p Office of Carol Gray, CST & creator of MamaSpace (SM) Yoga   Come join Molly McDonald of Bloomington, IN and the lovely Carol Gray of Portland, OR, for a unique and deeply replenishing Mini-Retreat created…

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24/7 Online Booking

Including e-mail confirmations and an e-reminder 24 hours in advance

Calm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Get away from distractions


Crisp, white linens (hospital-grade clean)

Uninterrupted Streaming Music

Enjoy a standard relaxation playlist or your favorite genre

Organic Massage Creams

Gentle and unscented


I pledge to listen to your body or words with support and a dose of humor (where appropriate!)

Body + Mind

A wide range of bodywork skills that will gently sync your body and mind

Hot Tea/Coffee

A complimentary cup that can travel with you after your session upon request